“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
Louis Pasteur


Dakota Blair, March 2010

My name is Dakota. TenSen.net is my personal website. I occasionally write essays about what's on my mind which you may have been greeted with. I don't play an instrument (I'm learning the ukulele), but I do create playlists. I record my internet travels in links and bookmarks. I keep learning and adapting, preserving what I've learned in my very own wiki.

I am pursuing my doctorate in mathematics at the City University of New York Graduate Center in the hope of further justifying my obsessive indulgence in the study of prime numbers. My work in this area and others can be found at my research page or in the place where the magic happens. I am currently seeking a job, so if you're interested in a concise summary of my career so far, see my resume, or curriculum vitae whichever suits your fancy.

In short, this page is the definitive source of information about David Dakota Blair. If you learn something new here on TenSen.net, find something interesting or just want to talk, shoot me an email.

Extra Information


I enjoy studying theoretical mathematics and physics in many different areas. I like to play around with Conway's Game of Life, contemplating life's mysteries, and justifying my beliefs without using them.

I like to ...

  • think about life, the universe and everything.
  • learn new ways to solve problems.
  • tell people how mathematics is more than just numbers.
  • skip rocks, water ski, walk through woods, explore.
  • meet new people.
  • play poker, scrabble, monopoly, minesweeper, Starcraft, GTA, etc. computer and video games.
  • tell stories, particularly biblical ones.
  • listen to music, make playlists for people/events/moods.
  • read articles on the internet, books.
  • watch just about any type of animation (anime, claymation, cgi).
  • drink orange juice.


  • Be the best at something.
  • Be awarded 3 doctorates (Math, Physics, and Theology would be the most likely).
  • Teach Calculus at a 5th grade level.
  • Win the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.
  • Win the Fields Medal and the Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • Convince People Magazine that I am the Sexiest Man Alive.
  • Visit Vienna
  • See the Great Wall of China in orbit and on the ground.
  • These are just a few of the more reasonable ones.


  • Dabbling in computer programming
  • Contemplating extremely difficult problems (Continuum Hypothesis, P vs NP, etc.)
  • Learning in general
  • Staring at Life patterns for unhealthy amounts of time.
  • Web Design
  • Skipping Stones

Suggested Reading

  • The Gospel of John (John the Apostle)
  • The War Prayer (Mark Twain)
  • Gorgias (Plato)
  • Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert A. Heinlen)
  • Where the Red Fern Grows (Wilson Rawls)
  • Harrison Bergeron (Kurt Vonnegut)
  • Six Easy Pieces (Richard Feynman)
  • God's Equation (Amir Aczel)



My good friend the search engine sometimes needs help so here is a little cheat sheet to help it discern me from not me.