“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
Louis Pasteur

Anatomy of the Name

When I was first stumbling around on the internet at the ripe old age of 13 I stayed in chatrooms (before they were breeding grounds for stalkers) and I wanted to start up a web design company. I was pretty good with HTML at that time, (that is to say I could abuse HTML, I knew nothing of standards or compliance), and I had a Geocities website when they were still hosting ad-free free personal websites once upon a time. I was also very interested in mathematics as I have always been.

Θmin = 0 Θmax = 45 Step = .99 Xmin = -15-2/3 Xmax = 15+2/3 Ymin = -10-1/3 Ymax = 10+1/3 r = 10*sin(π*Θ)

At this time I was playing around on my TI-82 learning to program simple games and other programs (a slow version of snake, a numerical version of mastermind, etc.). And so I liked to play around with polar coordinates because I thought they were cooler than cartesian coordinates (I didn't know enough math at the time to fully appreciate either system). And so I was interested in making spirals and roses and cardioids and the like. One day I was messing around and put some peculiar values into my window settings. I liked messing with low resolutions because the graphs were sometimes much more interesting than an actual smooth graph. These settings produce a sort of triangular spiral and their results were the inspiration for my further explorations with this graph.

r = 10*sin(π*Θ)+1

At this point I decided to look at the behavior or the evaluated points themselves, and I decided to change the original equation by adding a constant into the mix. These dots were the beginning of the TenSen.net logo. Then I connected the dots and I thought, "That would look cool with red, green, and blue arms." It originally was very pixelated because I had created it pixel by pixel to match the original graph. As I got better and better image editing software, I began to refine and make it look less cartoony and more professional and idealized. Thus I ended up with the final product, which has been the logo and probably will hold that spot until I find a cooler way to represent it. I doubt that will happen though because I have gone through several refinement steps and this one is as good as it gets.

What does that have to do with the name? Well everything of course! I stared at the equation and I thought, "That's an awesome name! 10sin! Well... replace the i with an e to avoid confusion, spell out 10 and capitalize the 'S' and you have TenSen! TenSen was originally TenSen Communications (when I believed I would eventually have customers) but is now TenSen.net. I arbitrarily decided to drop the 'Communications' part, mainly because its hard to fit Communications into a cool graphic like the one at the top of the page. Additionally, TenSen is all you need to know, its not tensencommunications.net or anything. I originally wanted TenSen.com which is a Chinese cancer research website, but TenSen.net has grown on me so much that I'll never sell. ;)

Triangular Spiral Triangular Spiral

The inspiration.

TenSen Dots TenSen Dots

The beginning.